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Commercial Disclosure

  1. Legal Name: Chef JA Cooks, Juri Austin
  2. Address: We will disclose without delay if requested.
  3. Phone number: We will disclose without delay if requested"
  4. Email address:
  5. Head of Operations: Juri Austin
  6. Additional fees: There will be no shipping costs for digital items. Physical items may incur additional costs depending on the location of the purchaser.
  7. Exchanges & Returns Policy: ´╝ťReturns and exchanges requested by customers´╝× Items before shipping: You can cancel your order by pressing the cancel button on the website. Items after shipping: Unopened items can be refunded or exchanged for items of equal or lesser value only if you contact the customer support center (insert phone number) within 10 days of the arrival of the item. We do not accept returns or exchanges of items after opening. ´╝ťReturns and exchanges for defective goods and services´╝× Please contact the customer support center (**). We will refund or exchange with new products at our shipping cost.
  8. Delivery times: Digital items will be processed and delivered immediately. Orders for physical items will be processed within 3-5 business days and products should be received within 14 days and are available as soon as you place your order.
  9. Accepted payment methods: Credit cards or PayPal:
  10. Payment period: Credit card and PayPal payments are processed immediately.
  11. Price: Amounts listed on each product page plus any additional shipping (for physical items)